1. Ivy Leaves and Shadows

  2. Feather

  3. Flower Pots

    A special shout out to Rememberless for the overwhelming amount of reblogs of my work! Thank you for your interest and support…..

  4. Needle and Thread

  5. Cracked Pot

  6. Stool

  7. Spotlight (reworked)

  8. One Fig

  9. Stacked Spoons

  10. Apple

  11. Time again to give a shout out to all those wonderful rebloggers and all you terrific followers who like and comment on my work. Your support is eternally appreciated! I’m assembling this list not only of rebloggers who have reblogged me recently (and many have), but also of the dedicated curated sites that find and support the excellent work of the many talented photographers out there. This is in no way a complete list, and the sites are in no particular order, but they’re all worth checking out. 

    1. Lensblr 
    2. Photos Worth Seeing
    3. HJS-Likes 
    4. The Photographers Society
    5. The Photographer’s Directory
    6. Lux Lit 
    7. Telescopical 
    8. Atphotoreblog 
    9. Arqsa 
    10. The Original Plant 
    11. JulesFaulkHunter 
    12. Thee Broken Path 
    13. Gray-Card 
    14. The Night Whisperer 
    15. Norma Black and White
    16. Norma.Ltd
    17. Pontesdelisboa
    18. Biutiful Pics
    19. Deja Vu
  12. Seriously?