1. Fennel and Fronds

    Perpetual thanks and gratitude for the support of all my followers as well as those terrific blogs dedicated to showcasing the work of many wonderful photographers:

    Lensblr, Luxlit, Telescopical, TheOriginalPlant, TheeBrokenPath, OriginalPhotographers, NormaBlackandWhite, and Biutifulpics.

    If I’ve forgotten anyone, please send me a message and I’ll give you a special shout-out!

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    Joe’s Frittata

    Wow! Thanks Lensblr for reblogging this! Joe will be proud, as well he should be. He’s the culinary artist in our house, and sometimes I follow him through the kitchen with my camera.

  4. Fennel

  5. Tomatillo 2

  6. Tomatillo

  7. Three Tea Cups

  8. A Salt Grinder For Fern

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    A Dark Leaf

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